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Softecture [8.11.15]
August 11, 2015 6:00pm
San2 - Impartial Perspective (Frits Wentink Remix) (Impartial Perspective, 2015, Bobby Donny)
The Antlers - Director (Dave Harrington Remix) (Director, 2015, Anti/Epitaph)
The Advent - Diverse Scope (Electrix Shox Volume 1, 2015, Electrix)
Kangding Ray - Transitional Ballistics (Solens Arc, 2014, Raster-Noton)
[break] Joris Voorn - Homeland (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) (Nobody Knows Remixes, 2015, Green)
Monolake - Dystopia (D E C, 2015, imbalance computer music)
Santiago Salazar - Varrio 2 Varrio (Chicanismo, 2015, Love What You Feel)
Heathered Pearls - Interior Architecture Software (Body Complex, 2015, Ghostly International)
[break] Heathered Pearls - Personal Kiosk (Body Complex, 2015, Ghostly International)
DMX Krew - If You Love, Love Openly (There Is No Enduring Self, 2015, Breakin Records)
Bells & Whistles - Toes (G&H) (Jozif Let Her Out Remix) (Hands, 2015, Desert Hearts)
Lane 8 - Undercover (Rise, 2015, Anjunadeep)
Small Black - Boys Life (Boys Life, 2015, Jagjaguwar)
[break] Art Crime - Renessense (Renessense EP, 2015, Creme Organization)
Robot Koch - Circles (Circles, 2015, Monkeytown)
FaltyDL - Rich Prick Poor Dick (Rich Prick Poor Dick, 2015, Ninja Tune)
DAVEM - Some Day In The Dark Side (Some Day In the Dark Side, 2015)
Max Cooper & Tom Hodge - Remnants (Plaid Remix) (Artefact Remixes, 2015, Fields)

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