Temple of Dreams 69 with Cherushii
August 15, 2015 4:00pm


4:00pm: Command by A Split Second from A Split Second

4:05pm: Control I'm Here (Clouston's Controlled Edit) by Nitze Ebb from Metal Dance

4:12pm: Sharp as a Needle by The Barmy Army from Sharp as a Needle

4:19pm: In Your Gaze by Innergaze from Mutual Dreaming

4:22pm: Pictures on a String by Comateens from Pictures on a String

4:27pm: Mindanao by Vocoder from Cuadro Sinoptico

4:35pm: Casanova (Special Long Version) by Kensi-Kensu from Casanova

4:41pm: Rebirth (Part 2) by Voices of Kwahn from Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo

4:49pm: Falling (16B & Deep Dish Collaboration Mix) by 16B from Falling

5:03pm: Sing Hallelujah (Easter Mix) by Dr. Alban from Vorsprung Durch


5:04pm: Totally Tangerine by DJ Fett Burger & Loca Lozano from Totally Tangerine

5:08pm: Feelin You by Waze and Odyssey from Feelin You

5:10pm: I Can't Get No Sleep by Masters at Work from I Can\'t Get No Sleep

5:15pm: I'm Gunna Sing It by Waze and Odyssey from Let's Call Out

5:19pm: Blame It On The Youth by Voyeur from Blame It On The Youth

5:23pm: Night Steps (Test Pressing) by Cherushii from Far Away So Close

5:31pm: Lenny by Caltrop from DJ Muscle

5:35pm: Jm Beats (And The Night Goes On) by Editions Haighton from Italia '83

5:37pm: Suddenly I Woke Up by Andreas Saag from In the Box EP

5:41pm: Clubspinning by Bobby Browser from Clubspinning

5:44pm: Nrg Zone (Happy Mix) by R-Zone from R-Zone 05

5:47pm: So This is Love by Mental Cube from So This is Love

5:49pm: Hurt You (S & M Mix) by Johnny L from Hurt You

5:55pm: Lumeria2 by Legowelt from Immensity of Cosmic Space

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