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starring Dr. Hal !
August 21, 2015 10:00pm
WE were expecting ultra-attractive Nurse Isabella to be in-studio, in her fetching uniform, to tend to our various needs, medical and Spiritual.
But, as the Norns would have it, she became Stuck in Traffic (not to mention Hooked on Phonics).
Another time, soon, we promise-- provided Dr. H. Owll survives the upcoming, looming juggernaut known as Burning Man.
Meanwhile, a large crowd gathered-- IN the studio!
Present were Ginger Vee and Sleepy Swain, Karen Carpenter, KrOB, Rusty Rebar, Margaretha M'Organ Antic-pantic, Puzzling Evidence, Col. Spozzmo and everyone's newest see-worthy Gull-friend-- the captivating "Brunellita."
Some of them even deigned to get "on mike" while beleaguered Doktor Howll frantically operated the machinery, as you'll hear here! Eat 'em up.
For dessert, the show coasts to an end as Puzzling Evidence reminisces about the Desert...
After this, the Deluge, as a "glitch" causes the "station" to go "off the air..."
Some people are all thumbs. Or, maybe they just have big feet?
They're Hell on "radio," THAT'S for sure.

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