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starring Dr. Hal !
October 16, 2015 10:00pm
Friday night, and the Show is in full swing. First KrOB, then Puzzling Evidence and at last Karen Carpenter trickle in, the latter with wine and cheer. Soon it's time for our off-and-on long-running Narrated Movie feature. Up this week: BATTLE OF THE WORLDS, a 1961 programmer directed by "Anthony Dawson" (read Antonio Margarheti) and (mainly) featuring Claude Rains. Also known as IL PLANETA DEGLI UOMINI SPENTI, the story features a rogue planet, or perhaps a runaway asteroid, said to be from another galaxy(!)--which is probably, one must suppose, a translation error for saying another solar system. This wandering world, in the movie dubbed "The Outsider," mysteriously begins orbiting the Earth (uh-oh), and, wouldn't you know, then threatens it with lethal flying saucers. Rains emotes and over-emotes, saucers spin, model rockets on wires smoke in space and explode, and general tedium reigns. We all have a say in the narration. This was because, basically, we couldn't find the far more enjoyable QUEEN OF BLOOD (1966) with Florence Marly, Dennis Hopper, John Saxon and an aged but still living Basil Rathbone, for free online. Where BATTLE is concerned-- well, now recent discoveries have shown that there are indeed rogue worlds, wandering, un-shepherded by any sun, through space. (Gulp!) As for the plot, with sentient machines set in motion by their extinct creators threatening the human race, the relevancy to our oncoming predicament is too oppressively great. Remember our live podcast from OXO, coming Oct. 30th!

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