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starring Dr. Hal !
October 23, 2015 10:00pm
Not Rev. Baby Bear, not officially. No, we invoke the tutelary Spirit of the Air Waves, whose light-speed broadcasts ring the Earth and fly at all times into the depths of Space. A "bubble" show, in which the sole board operator, Dr. Howland Owll, entertains himself with various oddments. Among these, new audio from Church of the SubGenius Headquarters in Ohio (Mars), poetry, pedantry, and commercials from the Dawn of Time. Let's hope She (the Goddess) blesses our enterprise, since, as we must always bring ourselves sadly to admit, it's not really Radio we do here, strictly speaking. No appearance from KrOB or Puzzling Evidence, nor did "Doc" Pete Goldie enter with a vinous libation. NEXT WEEK: our Podcast for XOXO in Oakland, in Jack London Square! The first of many, perhaps, or... a dismally failed one-shot. A paying audience ($5, and food and drink are available) will probably decide the issue decisively.

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