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the METAL ASYLUM - 10/24/2015 -w/ the Prophet of Doom filling in for Dj Jody @Noon!! This is where it all goes down! The finest Thrash, Death, Speed, Black, NWOBHM, Hardcore, Doom, Sludge, Progressive, Noise, and Post-metal brought to you by 'The Girl Next Door.' DJ Jody brings you to the brink of hearing loss and back again, just in time for lunch!
October 24, 2015 12:00pm


Podcast Episode #126 - Ramapge - 10/24/2015 -w/ the PROPHET of DOOM starting @ 10am! Immediately followed by the Metal Aslyum with the Prophet of Doom filling in for Dj Jody @Noon!! 4 Hours of Pounding Metal!

the Prophet of Doom pays tribute to the passing of
Jim Konya of Nunslaugter
and Frank Watkins formerly of Obituary & was currently with Gorgoroth

Noon to 2pm - Prophet of Doom (filling in for Dj Jody) - The Metal Asylum!
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult- Omnis Immundus Spiritus
Nunslaughter- Killed By The Cross
Ancient Ascendant- Driven By The Dark
Judas Priest- Eat Me Alive
Athos- Deep In Darkness
Judas Priest- Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
Black Winter- My Dreams And Nightmares Come True
Lividity- My Cock It Bleeds
Swordmaster- Upon Blood And Ashes
King Diamond- Black Horsemen
Caninus- Brindle Brickheads
Dying Fetus- Your Treachery Dies With You
Malignant Christ- Unheavenly Torture

Type O Negative- Black No. 1
Seance- Reincarnage
Obituary- Like The Dead (Demo)
Moonfrost- Dark Times To Come
Old Funeral- Haunted
Candlemass- Solitude
Opeth- Eternal Soul Torture
Necrophobic- Unholy Prophecies
Type O Negative- All Hallows Eve
Obituary- Slowly We Rot

10am to Noon - Prophet of Doom on Rampage Radio!!
(locate that podcast on the Rampage Radio podcast page on link below)
Playlist History - 10am to Noon - October 24, 2015
Obituary- Cause Of Death
Type O Negative- 12 Black Rainbows
Usurper- Funeral Waters
Mgla- Groza IV
Morbid Angel- Blessed Are The Sick
Death- Spiritual Healing
Obituary- Final Thoughts
Malevolent Creation- No Salvation
Cannibal Corpse- Buried In The Backyard

Nunslaughter- I Hate Christians
Carnivore- Carnivore (Demo)
Nunslaughter- The Crowned And Conquering Hag
Necroholocaust- Inverted Christ
Incantation- From A Glaciate Womb
Ascension- Deathless Light
Obituary- Rotting Ways
Obituary- I'm In Pain
Acherontas- Ma-Ion (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)
Proclamation- Hammer Of Prophets
Spellcraft- Lilith's Breath

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