BOB Records Showcase w/ Loren Steele and Ben Brown
November 7, 2015 4:00pm


4:01pm: Temple of Dreams Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald from North - The Sound of the Dance Underground

4:07pm: Musak by Trisco from In Yer House Vol 4

4:12pm: Las Boss Electros (Return of the Big Man) by 2 Lone Swordsmen

4:18pm: Set it Off (Joey Beltram Road to Destruction Remix) by Bryan Cox from Set it Off 2004

4:24pm: Club Jammin' (House/Dub Mix) by The Women from Club Jammin'

4:29pm: Equinoxe Part 3 by Jean Michel Jarre from Equinoxe 4

4:34pm: Don't Lose Control by Material from I'm the One

4:34pm: The Beast by Section 25 from The Beast


4:52pm: In My Dreams by Decoder from In My Dreams

4:56pm: DJ Soulslinger by Musical Section (Mix 2) from Africa / Musical Section

4:59pm: Subway (Move D. Mix) by Spacetime Continuum from Freelon

5:01pm: Right Door by Singe & Verb ‎ from Right Door / Left Door

5:06pm: Thoughts Like Rain by Dj Spooky from Songs Of A Dead Dreamer

5:13pm: My Way (Original Mix) by Akufen from My Way (The Remixes)

5:16pm: History by Bobby B from History / So True

5:20pm: Stillhope by Roche from Stillhope


5:26pm: Trombone by Break SL from Trombone

5:30pm: Song of the Siren (Mediterranean Mix) by Aphrodisiac from Song of the Siren

5:34pm: Emotional Content by Keith Worthy from Emotional Content

5:41pm: Mzungu - "The Third" by DJ Muscle from Various

5:45pm: Feel It by Coco Steel and Lovebomb from Feel It

5:46pm: Read My Lips by A Thousand Points of Night from Mutant Disco

5:52pm: No Way Back (Performed by POP Dell Arte by Adonis from No Way Back

5:53pm: Marathon Man by Alexis Le-Tan from Vibes 2

5:54pm: Gazoline by Extenions from Area 212

5:55pm: Jezebel Spirit by Talking Heads from Jezebel Spirit

5:58pm: Mystery Bells by House Nerds from Mystery Bells

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