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starring Dr. Hal !
November 20, 2015 10:00pm
The Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) has an approximate wingspan of 45 to 50 milimeters. In North America, the species characteristically has two broods, which can emerge at any time during a period spanning the month of March through middle-to-late October. Wintering largely in south Texas after migration, this is the very butterfly celebrated by lepidopterist-author Vladimir Nabokov in his novel PALE FIRE. In a special on-the-spot recording, hear entomologist Daria Goldie describe the life-cycle of Vanessa, after Sarah and Pete Goldie visit the Show. Until then, SubGenius Archives release the post-'Bob'tism reflections of Dr. H. Owll, Sacred Scribe Ivan Stang and Dr. Philo Drummond at Caffeina's at Wisteria during 2015's X-Day Week. In the inclusive, ecumenical spirit of intellectual and philosophico-religious tolerance, Mr. Goldie's unpleasant remarks about the Church of the SubGenius pass without comment. Puzzling Evidence and KrOB make their appearance, eventually stretching the podcast to an inordinate length (see extended episode posting, above: AND STILL MORE: AFTERGLOW, AFTER SHOW).

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