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starring Dr. Hal !
November 27, 2015 10:00pm
And so, 58 minutes and change after the conclusion of this podcast, Dr. H. Owll was gobsmacked in the chops, metaphorically speaking, by imminent mortality and the looming arrival of the hour (2:00 AM) of the commencement of his sixty-sixth year. The feeble, tottering old fossil, blasted with eld and freezing old age, managed to dodder along and produce, with palsied hands and wheezing voice, this 181-minute offering, despite icy breaths from the grim and frozen Land of Death. Fun for all, followed by tonight's movie NABONGA (1944), featuring Buster "Flash" Crabbe and the lovely, sarong-clad Julie London, stars of a different gorilla (suit) film showcased on a recent, previous episode. It was a gig, we suppose. Survivor of a plane crash in the dense Equatorial jungle of the Congo Basin, kid Julie grows into sultry adulthood, accompanied by the faithful, devoted ape, whom we learn far too late in the picture (sorry about the confusion) is not, after all, really named "Nabonga" but rather, it seems, the more unimaginative "Sampson." MIGHTY JOE YOUNG this ain't. Along comes Buster, decked out in pith helmet and tropical kit, who, along with the trigger-happy, treasure-seeking, ape-shooting villain (the reliable Barton MacLane), forever disturbs this idyllic Rousseau-esque equilibrium, drags Julie back to Hollywood's vision of the Patriarchal West and puts the ape (most probably played by professional gorilla-suit wearer Charlie Gomorra) six feet under, but not, however, after the big, simian galoot has his way, discreetly off camera but certainly within audio range, with gold-digging Bad Girl Fifi D'Orsay, who fails to survive the too-kinky encounter. Show proper also features Puzzling Evidence (live), Sacred Scribe Ivan Stang, Dr. Philo Drummond, Peter Sellers and the Mutant Mountain Boys, among others. 181 mins.

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