December 2, 2015 10:00pm


It's been quite a year for the firm of Dungarees Drywall and Meth, the San Francisco legal powerhouse ranked "Best With The Worst" for 8 years running. Whether the case is the minutia of offshore corporate taxation or a small claims action against a deadbeat contractor, DD&M will mount a defense that is quite possibly an offense... and the results? Every day we turn lost causes into causes célèbre, fugitives into persons of interest, and private squabbles into People Magazine covers. Join us for our Annual Holiday Get Together and Client Kickback Distribution Party at the Starlight Room, which hardly conflicts at all with the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND, and get served by Karen Carpenter, Esq., Bob-Marc, Esq., Sherilyn Connelly, Esq., and KrOB, perp. Tonight's bonus case: Ralph Carney... Dive Bar Musician or ISIS Recruiter?

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: Turning sow's ears into locally sourced artisanal purses produced by women of color from conflict regions not yet in the mainstream news. Like us on Facebook!

Chatroom History
December 2, 2015 10:00pm - 1:30am

vj pussycat: hi y'all (10:49pm)
Karen Carpenter: hi, you're late (10:49pm)
vj pussycat: no I've been here. just been waxing. I'll post a pic (11:01pm)
Karen Carpenter: is that your pic? (11:02pm)
Karen Carpenter: here come ours! (11:02pm)
vj pussycat: mines not showing yet (11:03pm)
vj pussycat: there it is (11:03pm)
Karen Carpenter: what are you bottling? Winter bock? (11:04pm)
vj pussycat: it's eclipse gran cru masterpiece (11:12pm)

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