Temple 76: Inhalt Live in das Studio
December 5, 2015 4:00pm


4:02pm: Hoomba Hoomba by Jasper Van't Hof's Pili-Pili from Hoomba Hoomba

4:09pm: Unit by Logic System from Logic

4:21pm: Still Lifes Are Falling by The Vanishing from Sixteens

4:22pm: Saumpfad by Roedelius from Wenn der Sudwind Weht

4:27pm: Nothing is Done by Flux from Uncarved Block

4:31pm: Program for Light by Section 25 from From the Hip

4:35pm: Curious Electric by Jon and Vangelis from Short Stories

4:43pm: Let Your Body Learn @33 by Nitzer Ebb from Let Your Body Learn

Ommadawn Side 2 by Mike Oldfield from Ommadawn


Rubycon Side 2 by Tangerine Dream from Rubycon


Hullo Angel by Death In June ‎from The Wall Of Sacrifice

Trigger Track by Boytronic from Bryllyant

Con 3.1 by Conrad Schnitzler from Con 3.1

Strom by Kraftwerk from Kraftwerk 2

Watch the Lines Grow by Pure Ground from Standard Of Living

T.V. News by Stereo from Somewhere In The Night

Boys Say Go by Depeche Mode from Boys Say Go

Night in June by Autumn from Synthesize

Glowing in the Dark by Experimental Products from Glowing in the Dark

Charly the Kid Edit by Tangerine Dream

Computerwelt by Kraftwerk from Computerwelt

Oh Mercy (INHALT Live At The SSL Remix) by Food Pyramid from Oh Mercy

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