December 16, 2015 10:00pm


A Scotsman, a Brazilian, a College Student and a Libertarian help Karen Carpenter review the FINAL BROADCAST of Republicans debating in 2015. Nothing like a radio studio full of people who will have no impact whatsoever on the election, but that's NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: ... because Sherilyn Connelly has seen Star Wars and you haven't.

Chatroom History
December 16, 2015 10:00pm - 1:30am

vj pussycat: I too always think of o mighty Isis (10:35pm)
vj pussycat: pax! (10:50pm)
vj pussycat: just like the old days (11:02pm)
Fropchopula: fropchopula fashionably late (11:46pm)
Fropchopula: de-icer destroys ices (11:48pm)
Fropchopula: ring ring ring.. obama phone (11:49pm)
Fropchopula: earache? (11:50pm)
Fropchopula: ices is a hoax.. global warming (11:51pm)
Fropchopula: Tell america to quit being pussies (11:52pm)
Fropchopula: my phonelines fucked... but u have a scottish guy.. thyre allowed to say anything out loud (11:53pm)
Fropchopula: fuxkn fock n shiye achk shartn bahck (11:53pm)
Fropchopula: Terrorism is a hoax if america quits being pussies (11:54pm)
Fropchopula: see.. two sticks of icey buttahr (11:55pm)
Fropchopula: hillary clinton beats bill (11:55pm)
Fropchopula: cliton (11:56pm)
Fropchopula: obama dropped the change in his couch (11:57pm)
Fropchopula: thank "bob" (11:58pm)
Fropchopula: trump turned pussy (11:59pm)
Fropchopula: still making bank tho (11:59pm)
Fropchopula: great bank cuntry (11:59pm)
Fropchopula: night punkns (11:59pm)
Fropchopula: ..!., (12:00am)
Fropchopula: Zap ur television... prabob (12:01am)
Fropchopula: In time... we surf a different wave (12:02am)
Fropchopula: the web is a trap (12:03am)
Fropchopula: {}\=� (12:06am)
Fropchopula: leave it to booper (12:08am)
Fropchopula: madaisybell (12:12am)
Fropchopula: politicians dont like ices booper (12:20am)
Fropchopula: air (12:22am)
Fropchopula: waves (12:22am)
Fropchopula: set (12:22am)
Fropchopula: us free (12:22am)
Fropchopula: fuckin cons wont letme post full sentences (12:23am)
Fropchopula: Im gonna have to bolt lawnchairs together to get thru the jam (12:24am)
Fropchopula: cant censor in a vacuum (12:25am)
Can: too, also................ (12:48am)
Of The Force: you with may be (12:57am)
Balazinc: suit an tired required (1:27am)

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