January 13, 2016 10:00pm


Hello. You have reached Radio Valencia. Please choose among the following options: If you want the broadcast studio, press or say "1" and you will be transferred to a Live Radio Valencia DJ. When the phone picks up, DO NOT SAY HELLO. You are on the air.

If you want to become a Radio Valencia DJ, press or say "2" and leave your DJ name and don't forget to mention your college radio experience.

If you are a DJ who owes membership dues, press or say "3" and record your lame excuse and hollow promise.

If you are a DJ unable to do show, press or say "4" to schedule "Creed's Greatest Hits".

If you want to hear more talk shows about sex, but only if they cover race, gender, LGBT, and furry-shamer issues in ways no one else ever has, press or say "5", even though that mailbox is full.

If you are a studio guest locked outside, press or say "6" for the door code. By the way, the door code is 6.

If you are having problems receiving a clear Radio Valencia signal, press or say "7" to leave a message with Juan Rapido.

If you are a listener of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND, press or say that symbol for the artist formerly known as Prince, because those jerks just want to fuck with you.

If you have reached this number in error, please accept our apology and these 2 tickets to Creed.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: Your call is important to us.

Chatroom History
January 13, 2016 10:00pm - 1:30am

Bowie: Quit wearing out my name! (10:22pm)
Dr. Penny: krob knows how to get them. (10:29pm)
10:28 caller : hey man, i liked talking to you guys (10:29pm)
10:28 caller : i like your show (10:29pm)
10:28 caller : keep it yo (10:29pm)
10:28 caller : up* (10:29pm)
Dr. Penny: krob's love is so deep. (10:30pm)
10:28 caller : i myself am trying to pursue an acting career ;) (10:30pm)
Dr. Penny: krob can regress you so that you won't smell it. (10:35pm)
Dr. Penny: sensitivity training for 3rd graders (10:38pm)
Karen Carpenter: my life work (11:33pm)

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