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starring Dr. Hal !
January 15, 2016 10:00pm
SubGenius show mixes from the Gestalt of a generation of radio performers support this episode. And, we hear "The Convergence of the Twain" by Thomas Hardy, somewhat garbled, but these are the breaks. Like, it's HARD to try to run the Board AND recite the blankety-blank poetry at the same time, dig? We mean, YOU try it. A lovely surprise visitor dropped by in the rain, briefly, not on microphone... But eventually, you will hear that Michael Peppe does come in (ferried by silent, non-participating Puzzling Evidence) to carry us through to... the end, and beyond! But-- you won't hear the sign-off; we ran far, far later than we should have... hosting Peppe is like that, and can be distracting... "Only" 3 hours of this stuff seem to have been preserved. See, Night Owls? There's actually some value in STAYING UP to listen as we do the Show. Who needs sleep? When we left the Studio, Puzzling and Peppe were still going strong. We have the technology. They had the stamina. BUT-- there's an actual physical limit to how much flesh and bone can take in the way of these Marathon sessions, you know? We're not getting any younger. Quite the opposite, in fact. And so, to conclude, we took aim, squeeeezed the trigger... and fired, at Shibboleths and Bugaboos-- direct hit! As Davy Crockett said, "Be sure you're right-- then go ahead!"

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