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starring Dr. Hal !
January 23, 2016 1:00am
A large group of guests are featured; among these are Kiko, Jett, MIchael Peppe, Puzzling Evidence, Spy, Sarah and Editn. Or is that next week? We think, probably both weeks. A heavy downpour outside. Four hours of audio metamorphosis. A larger slice than usual. A production of circumstance. Description thereof previously posted, then removed, by person or persons unknown. This is the succedaneum. Kindly mess not avec the posts. Now, the show Dr. Hal planned with Spy could not come about. We like visitors, even, at times, drop-ins, but we had an unmanageable crowd interrupting us, bumping the microphones and complaining about the hook-up. The fans hated it (we heard later). So... let Dr. Hal know if you plan to show-- you can always go, but he has to know.

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