Temple 80:
January 30, 2016 4:00pm


4:03pm: Prepare to Energize (Remix) by Torch Song from Nine O' Clock Drop

4:06pm: Task 1 by Chris Jackson from Industrial Espionage

4:11pm: House of God (Azzido da Bass Remix) by DHS from House of God

4:18pm: Pound Cake by Frankie Bones from Trackwerk Orange

4:27pm: Call of the Wild by Steve Summers from Call of the Wild

4:32pm: Pacific 808:98 by 808 State from 808:98

4:36pm: Here I Go by DOP from Energy Rush Prents: Dance Hits 93' The 2nd Dimension

4:44pm: Transverse v3 by Carter Tutti Void from Transverse

4:51pm: Heartbeat (Armond Van Helden Mix) by Jimmy Somerville from Platinum on Black, Volume II

4:56pm: Stillhope by Roche from Stillhope

5:03pm: Trax Crusader (Magic Touch Edit) by Magic Touch from I Can't Feel the Heat

5:07pm: Benefits Arrive (And Life Goes On) by New York Endless from Strategies EP

5:22pm: Trak Eighteen by Moodymann from Silence in the Secret Garden

5:25pm: Stop (Original Mix) by BWH from Casco Presents BWH Stop

5:32pm: Do It Steady by Vice Versa from Black Havana

5:37pm: Loss by Ike Yard from New York Noise Volume 3

5:45pm: Turn to Red by Killing Joke from Wild Dub

5:48pm: Young Girls by Love of Life Orchestra from Geneva

5:55pm: Sensoria by Cabaret Voltaire from Sensoria

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