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starring Dr. Hal !
February 19, 2016 10:00pm
We start at "IndyVival," with Dr. H. Owll's famed Speech to the Indianapolis, Indiana SubGeniuses some irreplaceable years ago, back in the day (actually, at night). From the Sacred and Sacrosanct SubGenius Archives. Many are the sown pearls of wisdom cast down before seeking, searching and rooting Suidae, delectable candy Easter Eggs for the taking laid gently within the clean, tall grass of this, our Podcast. If not then disgruntled, they then find Michael J. Peppe's arrival equally toothsome and savory. And so it goeth unto the End of the Show (ca. 2:31 AM)--the relentless fountain ever burbles forth. Many are the Voluminous Pains which have been taken to learn the Fate of the Soul upon Disunion, but men have wax'd most Phantastical in the singular Contrivances of their Corporeal Dissolution. Hear and be warned. Which is it-- the Soul sproing-ing off the end of its elastic tether, or the Body beginning its crumble?

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