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March 4, 2016 10:00pm
When Oppressions bore Us Down to Earth, heroick Listener & Fellow-Traveler Monsieur Mob MeAttie sended Slack in Simoleon Form; in return He did request of Us that we Address the Origins of the word "Nincompoop." And for a Bit in a largely content-free Show, We did just That. We admire Dr. Johnson's Assertion, in his deserv'dly famous Dictionary, that the Epithet deriveth, in a Sort of Macaronic Latin, from the Original Phrase in that Language, "NoN COMPOs mentis," used in the Law to Express the Condition of being Out of One's Mind. This despite the Fact that any Evidence for the "Poop" part seemeth here lacking to Our own Apprehension. Then, too, Some point to the Old French Word, Nicodeme, or Nicodemus, in the Holy Bible the Pharisee of that Name who Questioned Our Lord so Naively in the Gospel of St John. Thus, videlicet, a Simpleton. Throughout the Centuries, the Pejorative & Opprobrious Association hath compounded, given the Natural Vituperation of fallen Human Nature; cognate Expressions include Idiot, Moron, Goofus, Stupid Fool, Bozo, Jackass, Pin-head, Jack-a-napes, Retard, Dumb-Ass, Jazzbo, Imbecile, Block-head, Ignoramus, Butt-face, Air-head, Dunce, Ninny, Jerk, Cretin, Nit-wit, Dim-wit, Loser, Dork & especially Dolt. In the early Eighteenth Century, the Word existed side-by-side with its Variant, Nickumpoop. The Late John Ciardi, whom We think the best English Translator of Dante's DIVINE COMEDY, said that the Dutch Vernacular Phrase, "Nicht om Poep," meaning "the Female Relative of a Fool," was the Source. Other Authorities classify the Word Origins as simply Unknown. A Vast Crowd then entered; We found it Arduous to Host them, since They felt Little Interest in Joining Us on our Podcast. 'Twas little Else than an Affront, though cloak'd in Conviviality. Nonetheless, They Cavorted & Frolick'd unto the End of the Proceedings, when, & just Prior to Closing of the Session, Monsieur Michael Peppe at last join'd Us for a Brief but Civil Converse.

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