Temple 82 with SMAC (Galaxy Radio/Haçeteria)
March 26, 2016 4:00pm



4:02pm: Sequencer by Al Di Meola from Sequencer

4:04pm: Ich Bin Beim Bund by Udo Lindenberg from Ich Bin Beim Bund

4:08pm: Thrash by Cowboys International from Thrash

4:13pm: Stop Bajon (Club Mix) by Tulio de Piscopo from Stop Bajon

4:16pm: Don't Stop by Motion from Don't Stop

4:21pm: Captain Starlight by Zazu from Captain Starlight

4:26pm: Too Much by Hongkong Syndikat from Too Much

4:32pm: Land of Hunger by The Earons from Land of Hunger

4:35pm: Continents by Peru from Continents

4:39pm: Du Riechst So Gut by Lichtblick from Du Riechst So Gut

4:43pm: Heya Heya by Blaze from Heya Heya

4:46pm: Move by Slam Slam from Move


4:51pm: No Controles by Ole Ole from Mixage


5:14pm: The Years (Go By) by Fred Ventura from The Years (Go By)

5:15pm: Talk About by Tipinifini from Talk About

5:21pm: Running Away by Raf from Running Away

5:24pm: Precious Little Diamond (Ben Liebrand Mix) by Fox the Fox from Precious Little Diamond

5:30pm: Night Train to Nowhere by Brian Auger from Night Train to Nowhere

5:33pm: Livin' in Your Love by Eugene from Livin' in Your Love

5:40pm: Sensitive by Don't Stop from Sensitive

5:44pm: Action in Paradise by Export from Action in Paradise

5:48pm: Time Out by Florio Time DJ from Time Out

5:52pm: With and Without by Digital Game from With and Without

5:56pm: Cybernetic Love by Casco from Cybernetic Love

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