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April 1, 2016 10:00pm
Partially turned out from the early Triassic, 251-245 million years ago (rounded off), also known to some as the Scythian Epoch. Because this stage of Earth's history did not last very long, in geological terms, we are only considering it in terms of its two main subdivisions, the Induan and the Olenekian. The show drifts between these. It was a period of great change on the show, as whole new lineages and clades of animals radiated into the empty niches vacated of their original occupiers by the mass extinction which had pervasively eliminated the ecological framework of the departed Permian fauna, and the evolutionary battle for the supremacy of the land was waged. The hot dry Pangaean deserts of the Triassic would witness the competition between the Synapsid proto-mammals (Therapsida) that had dominated the land in earlier cycles and the newly-emerged Archosaurian reptiles (Thecodonts, as we used to call them). And, in the arid climes of the early Mesozoic, the reptiles had an obvious metabolic advantage, despite the superior mechanics of locomotion and guardian care-of-young behavior possessed by these ancient mammals. Bulky beasts bellowed in competition, while Radio commercials of yore emerged from oozy swamps of oblivion. Three age-long hours.

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