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starring Dr. Hal !
April 22, 2016 10:00pm
And, while you're at it, all you Imps, STOP attacking our Shows with Power Out(r)ages. Yes, at 11:25 PM, They struck again, knocking Us off "the air." Not only did our Podcast crash to an unseemly stop, but also all the lights in the good ol' El Dorado Building went out, along with the lights across the way in Bruno's (a wail of dismay arose from the street) and even the street lights on Mission. Overkill, you guys, overkill. Every time we start reaching the edges of Profound Cosmic Secrets, the Directorate of Hell stops us cold. Haven't you bureaucrats in the Infernal Regions anything better to do? This time, advanced Radio Valencia computational devices expertly repaired the damage on their own. Around 10 minutes later, just as the repair 'bots were scuttling and rolling out the door, we came creakily back to life. "We" in this case being Irritating Horror Host Dr. Howland Owll, St. Michael Peppe and peripatetic Puzzling Evidence. Peppered by pesky Pete Goldie calls, the rest of the sad Show limped home after concluding in the usual way, at the usual time. Note the prophetic Warnings at the very beginning. As ever, Prophecy is never believed until fulfillment. We Still Live!

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