The Music Department ~ With DJ Meow
May 5, 2016 12:00pm


Play List

Burn The Witch- Radiohead
Age of Consent- New Order
I Travel- Simple Minds
The Ministry of Defense- PJ Harvey
Disintegration-The Cure
Take Me Now- Vicious Pink
Taking Off- Beach Fossils
Starfuckers Inc.- Nine Inch Nails
King Volcano- Bauhaus
Tumbling Lights- The Acid
Atmosphere- Joy Division
I Can't Give Everything Away- David Bowie
Levitate Me- Pixies
Love Will Tear Us Apart- Swans
Go Baby Go (feat Debbie Harry)- John Doe
No Nostalgia- Fauna Shade
Gray- Kitten Grenade
House of Metal- Chelsea Wolfe
Temptation- New Order
Departure- Bauhaus
The Visions Run Dry-Alpine Decline
Tongue Tied- The Antlers
I Feel Speed- Love and Rockets
One More Robot/Symphany 3000-21- Flaming Lips
Dog End of a Day Gone By- David J

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