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starring Dr. Hal !
May 6, 2016 10:00pm
IN THIS EPISODE we touch on divers matters, with a conversation among special guests. Jett made an appearance first-- he brought two kinds of Absinthe, among other refreshments. We sipped it, looking into its luminous green depths as we spoke of mysteries of Creation. KrOB came in and directed the ongoing soundscape with his unique skill. He was glad to join us and raise a glass of the glowing, greenish potation, and then easily prevailed upon to enjoy yet another. Suddenly the ravishingly beautiful Sarah Goldie appeared, fresh from a night at the theater, wearing a dazzling low-cut ensemble... as she took her place at the microphone it was only right to salute her with another glass of the emerald liquid. Not long after, Pete Goldie appeared. He had wine but we had an other. Other glass of Absinthe, tha' is. And another one to keep ou' the chill. Jett ol'man, this's prime stuff, prime stuff. What're you doing over there? You look as if y'were a mile away. What inschpiring conversatiumons. This's an Innelecshual Salon, in cashe you didn' know-- exshuse me, thish deserves 'nother glasxh. That Sarah's so, so boo-ful. Where'd Pete and Sarah go? You've got to pashe, to pace yoursel' so's not to make a s-schpectacle'f y'selfph. I know my limits, unnerstand? --an' I'll have jus' one more lit-tle drinky of the old Absinthy. Woops! That was th' microphone, we'll pick it up later. Later. Wash out for thish equipment. Later for that. Itsh very late. Let's have s'more of that, that Absiinsh... Normalize the board. We run a tight ship at thish show.

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