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Hell's Kitchen Radio #262: I'm So Glad
May 9, 2016 8:00pm


From last Monday, because you know you were waiting with baited breath...

Just a brief look at the playlist below and you'll see why I consider radio the art of the segue. So many genres packed into this two hour show. And a tasty 25 minute Grateful Dead treat, celebrating a brilliant show from 39 years ago! New music from Charles Moothart, the Melvins, Owl, and something you've never heard before from Boris. There's local music and music that's new to you. Something for the entire family. I wouldn't play Avenue D for the kids though.

Ooh, I even too a request! I so rarely do that. I guess I was just in the mood. I usually have so much music with me that I want to share, that I don't make time for your requests. What if I do an all-request show? Would you like that? May I do that just for little ol' you?



In The Flesh: Pink Floyd
Squeeze Me Macaroni: Mr. Bungle

So Blue (So Young): Low
Sweeter: Loop!Station
A Wake for the Minotaur: Shearwater and Sharon Van Etten

Avid Fan: Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends
Falling For You: Down in Front
Do I Look Like A Slut: Avenue D
Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky: Lou Donaldson

Slow and Low: Run DMC
Express Yourself: NWA
True Player For Real: MC Lars

Bummer Conversation: Mike and the Melvins
Lunar Heroine: Charles Mootheart

Cave of Whispers: Owl
Are You Ready: Boris

Scarlet Begonias/Fire On The Mountain: Grateful Dead (May 8, 1977)

My Favorite Things (remix): Negativland

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