May 11, 2016 10:00pm


Alright… so there´s this trend going around where people do yoga, smoke weed, listen to the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND and the 3 hipster bands they know and therefore think they´re happy and at peace with the world because they can walk on their hands (which is super useful). If you´re one of these peeps… well, you´re NOT!

The other day I got into a heated argument with some yogi who was talking about the world and it´s energy and how ALL we need is peace for ourselves and the world will feel our love and give some back and if our desires deviate from this in the slightest way then we´re stupid and materialistic. I proceeded to tell her two things… #1 was that I wanted some of whatever it is she was smoking and #2 was that she´s wrong, and #3 Karen Carpenter, Bob-Marc and Sherilyn Connelly could not care less about your personal enlightenment. Maybe KrOB as well.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: yeah, more Trump.

Chatroom History
May 11, 2016 10:00pm - 1:30am

Kat Herding: I hear crazy people. (10:27pm)
Kat Herding: low energy. (10:28pm)
Kat Herding: forces of darkness (10:29pm)
Kat Herding: yo ga, yo ga! (10:33pm)
Earl the Magnificent: What is a Ket Herding doing here?.. (10:34pm)
Kat Herding: supporting the namaste (10:34pm)
Earl the Magnificent: Is there a show on? (10:34pm)
Kat Herding: trump and some devil worship chick (10:35pm)
Earl the Magnificent: I came here for the podcast (10:35pm)
Kat Herding: this is it. (10:35pm)
Earl the Magnificent: Hal was having absinthe on Friday after the wifey and I dropped him off. He suggested I listen to the show. (10:36pm)
Earl the Magnificent: Yes, he actually associates with me. Under duress. (10:38pm)
Kat Herding: Trump really is crazy. (10:38pm)
Earl the Magnificent: Ever saw Gangs of New York. (10:39pm)
Kat Herding: his ranting in the background is probably the most I've ever heard of his shit. (10:39pm)
Kat Herding: no (10:40pm)
Earl the Magnificent: oh.. You ought to! Scorsese. Made entirely at Cine vita in Rime. (10:41pm)
Earl the Magnificent: Trump is sorta like a 21st Century Bill the Butcher. The part Daniel Day-Lewis plays. (10:42pm)
Earl the Magnificent: Cine it's I meant in Rome (10:42pm)
Earl the Magnificent: Cinecita (10:43pm)
Earl the Magnificent: It's a fantastic production. (10:43pm)
Karen Carpenter: Kat, we have all the Trump you MUST HEAR, in the last 25 podcasts. Carve out some time to catch up. (10:58pm)
St. Inkfinger: the record is still stuck, soeone tap the needle (11:00pm)
nexus_6: here (11:03pm)
nexus_6: Oh, I was exposed long ago. (11:06pm)

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