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May 20, 2016 10:00pm
There was no show at all last time, on Friday the 13th of May, O Best Beloved. There was no show because there was no "radio," no podcast-- a double-damned "computer glitch" shattered all our plans and dreams. They came and tore the hard drive out of poor old Sam, the studio computer, and when we got there the pathetic thing lay asprawl, denuded of its guts. And, as it happened, all the ya-hobs and Nimrods were off yukking it up at a by-Our-Lady "chili cook-off" without a thought, a single thought, of offering warning or assistance. Why, I oughta... But this time it happened, yes! we had a show, with studio guest Dr. Penny, later joined by studio guest Rusty Rebar. Those two had a variety of things to say, and-- the political opinions expressed by guests on the show are not to be construed as views endorsed by the titular head thereof, or of any other quondam contributors not present. But, all in all, we did have a good chin-wag about alternative subjects as well. Poetry and pedantry were served. No Absinthe this time, which tends to make the heart grow fonder. Please continue to send in your questions, together with an emolument, and we will endeavor to provide worthy answers, depending on the premium.

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