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starring Dr. Hal !
May 27, 2016 10:00pm
During the Triassic Period, roughly 252.17 to 201.3 million years ago, an interval of 51.04 million years, did giant, super-intelligent cephalopods, perhaps a form of Ammonite large enough to rip giant icthyosaurs apart, make "art" (the world's first) with their vertebral discs, arranging them in rows like tentacle suckers on the ancient sea floor? Did they? Hmmm? Well, that's just one of the unusual topics covered on this week's episode. The world wants to know. So the Listeners say, anyhow. In-studio guests Jett and Michael Peppe returned to add further conversational shadings to all matters discussed. KrOB was there too, likewise Puzzling Evidence. And, curiously enough, Presidential candidate Dr. Pete Goldie was heard shouting incoherently in the ante room, but never actually entered the broadcast booth to promulgate his, er, rather extreme views. Well, it's all here in the download-able podcast, Etherettes and Rocket Rookies. We soldier on through technical minefields and station incompetence. And we hope for a Brighter Tomorrow. A thousand thanks and a tip of the old Ask Dr. Hal! Fez to loyal listener Michael Pevey of San Angelo, Texas, whose generous contribution arrived without even a question to answer within the envelope.

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