May 28, 2016 4:00pm


Broadcast 26 is now up for your podcasting pleasure. Starting with snippets of the new Lavender cassette release on Jacktone Records, Horizons Beneath the Surface. As an extension of his last release, Mystique Youth, "Horizons" dives deep into the witching hour, after a wild night of ecstasy and just before sunrise cleanses you of the night's debauchery. It is a stunning release that is highly recommended.

This broadcast is a feature on Bryan Gibbs, who is a producer, sound engineer and DJ extraordinaire. His work has touched so many people both locally and beyond. From SF institution The Com#, Inhalt (Dark Entries) and playing for years as a respected DJ, Gibbs is moving towards the future with his own solo productions and collaborations with another gifted producer Amber Cox.

This exclusive mix from Gibbs highlights not only his complex meticulousness in production but also his love of merging the dance floor vibe with a darker, almost mystic quality. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

Lavender / Ephemeres / 2016

Lavender / Gentle Giant / 2016

Lavender / Cortege Funebre / 2016

Bryan Gibbs played:

No tracklist

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