Temple 86: Deep State
June 4, 2016 4:00pm



4:03pm: Gamma Ray by Birth Control from Tonwellen 1970 - 1990

4:09pm: Pleasure Machine by Red Electric Rainbow from Dark Days

4:14pm: Never Drink Again by Jake Subtropic vs. Ben Burns from Never Drink Again

4:24pm: The End by Change from The Glow of Love

4:30pm: City of Night by Rational Youth from City of Night

4:37pm: Temple of Dreams (Rave Mix) by Messiah from Temple of Dreams

4:42pm: Taste So Good (Dub) by File 13 from Taste So Good

4:47pm: Money for E (Remix) by Psychic TV from Beyond Thee Infinite Beat (Ravemaster Mixes)

4:53pm: Theme from Tony's Party by Bobby Browser from Still Browsing

4:58pm: Why Don't You Take Me (Underworld Up 2 Down Remix) by One Dove from Why Don't You Take Me

5:11pm: The Trick (Think Dark) by Morane from The Trick

5:20pm: Twenty Minutes Of Disco Glory (Pete 'n' Deep 'n' People's Philly Deepness Mix) by DJ Garth and E.T.I. from Twenty Minutes Of Disco Glory

5:28pm: Gods House by Neuro Project from Gods House

5:33pm: Waiting for a Call (New Beat Mix) by Deep State from Waiting for a Call

5:39pm: First Power (The BHF Remix) by Second Revelations from First Power

5:45pm: Raga Madhuvanti by Charanjit Singh from Synthesizing: Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat

5:51pm: Brazilia by In Trance 95 from Cities of Steel and Neon

5:55pm: Lovegod by The Soup Dragons from I'm Free

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