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starring Dr. Hal !
June 3, 2016 10:00pm
Another jagged start from RV "gremlins" leaving the Big Board all tapsalteerie... Y'know, when the Lynch Mob was after Dr. Hal last year, he was informed that, "if there is ANYTHING about the way the Board is left after your show that makes it hard for the next show to start, ANYTHING at all, then YOU LOSE YOUR SHOW!" [Paraphrasing here] --to which was added as a coda, "NO EXCEPTIONS!" Wa-al, I guess them Are-Vee boys n' gals done kind o' fergot themselves 'bout all that kind o' clabber. Funny, ain't it? NONETHELESS, heroic Dr. Hal swiftly untangled the Briaraeus-like Mess with elan and verve-- and got the Show rolling, first with the obscure but sublime poetry of Clark Ashton Smith, and then... Well, about then, right down the Runway for a textbook three-pointer of a landing swooped in-studio guest Jett. A rotating air compressor powered by a turbine, with the leftover power providing thrust via a propelling nozzle — the Brayton Thermodynamic Cycle-- it was all more than ordinarily evident. Yes, our Jett sports a complex high-bypass turbofan engine, offering higher velocity and greater fuel efficiency than any old piston-and-propeller aero-engine. That fuel mixture he uses is volatile, too, and includes ultra-fiery Absinthe of an insanely high proof. As we sipped it among clouds of visionary smoke-- what a Fetid Fervor of Freedom! --the sparkling conversation ranged dynamically over multiple topics. Among these-- COMIC BOOKS. The great American Literary Form. Different artists, different styles... Long-distance Show Friend Michael G. Pevey appeared by telephonic proxy all the way from San Angelo, Texas. Not Michael Peppe-- Pevey. Peppe never came in, and in point of fact, this time, for once, we didn't really need him...

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