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starring Dr. Hal !
June 10, 2016 10:00pm
1987. What a year; what a year. Yes... Remember the Jim Bakker Scandal? Or when Prozac made its debut in the U.S.? The British Government stopped the publication, in Britain, of the book SPYCATCHER. The prophetic movie ROBOCOP came out. And, THE SIMPSONS first appeared on your TV. Yes, a lot was going on, back then. Now, thanks to Puzzling Evidence Studios, this particular Episode of the ASK DR. HAL! Show features some rare, archival recordings from that very year, in a spanking brand-new mix. HEAR Dr. Hal! Puzzling Evidence! Even Michael Peppe! Oh, we've all been around as long as the Beard of Moses, it turns out. HEAR our younger selves Jell in a Verbal Jam which, as the record Preserves, Jars and Jars as it reveals in retrospect that we've learned nothing, nothing, nothing at all since then. What Smuckers! Ah, that is, we meant to say, Suckers. But that might work. Kind of a hybrid of Schmucks and Suckers. Eh? Well, ENJOY this wallow in outre Nostalgia. TASTE it slowly, and WHIFF its impudent bouquet...

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