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starring Dr. Hal !
July 22, 2016 10:00pm
Dr. H. Owll finally returned from the event called "X-Day." Still moving forward, he reassembled his afflicted powers. Yes, the Saucer hovered, but didn't land. Yes, the Chatelaine of Vulture Island was there... His heartfelt hopes he still keeps close, and in secret. Meanwhile, the Church survives, mutates and adapts. This is the inevitable result. Authentic Pre-X recordings vie here with the poems of Clark Ashton Smith. Then, wandering Michael Peppe comes to our door. And, though we officially "end" at 1:00 AM, there's an hour added, an extra bowlful brimming over for the famished. Let's hope it's indeed download-able, since viruses played Hob with Dr. H. Owll's archives while he was ministering to Subs in distant Ohio. Our verdict? Well, we think this can be fixed-- AS LONG as Radio Valencia is willing. Watch this space.

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