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starring Dr. Hal !
August 19, 2016 10:00pm
This episode of Ask Dr. Hal! also featured Jett, Michael Peppe, and (mostly unheard) KrOB and Puzzling Evidence. During the presentation, in which a bubbling pipe played a significant part, we experienced...
...uncontrollable laughter,
...past memories-- revisiting places from childhood recollection,
...various sensations of motion, including the feeling of being pulled and twisted by external forces,
...variegated visions of membranes, films, a plethora of two-dimensional surfaces, and fractal patterns,
...instances of merging with objects, for a time actually becoming them, and
overlapping realities, including the perception of being in several locations at once. Now, this is all legal, though you wouldn't think so. Three hours go by... Don't forget, the LIVE Ask Dr. Hal! Show will go on the boards in San Francisco weekly during the month of October, starting Friday, October 7th and continuing every Friday night through the month. "Sometimes, a thousand twangling Instruments about mine Ears, and sometimes Voices."

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