The Music Department ~ With DJ Meow
September 8, 2016 12:00pm


Play List

Don't Talk to Me About Love- Altered Images
Aphrodisiac - Bow Wow Wow
Ant Music- Adam and The Ants
Iron Lung- Black Marble
Working With Fire and Steel- China Crisis
Contact- Big Audio Dynamite
Imperium- Blouse
OK, This Is The Pops- Tones on Tail
Flexible - Depeche Mode
This Must Be The Place- Talking Heads
Not Even Jail- Interpol
Boys- Bauhaus
Lemon Heart- Dead Leaf Echo
Wax and Wane- Cocteau Twins
She's a Sad Sad Song- Daniel Ash
I could Be Happy- Altered States
Heart of Glass- Blondie
Kundalini Express- Love and Rockets
Sudden Impact- Big Audio Dynamite
WFL(Think about the future)- Happy Mondays
Black Water- The Dig
I Can't Give Everything Away- David Bowie
Sometimes- Depeche Mode
Glass Concrete and Stone- David Byrne
New Ways- Daughter
With You- David Bazan
Spaceball Ricochet- David J

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