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Get HItched! [2016.9.27]
September 27, 2016 5:00pm
Luxus Varta - Lizzy (Rosenhan Experiment, 2016, Intramuros)
Guy Gerber - Full Circle (Original Mix) (Secret Encounters, 2016, Rumors)
Tyoma - Haze (Haze, 2016, Live On Mars)
Frank & Tony - A Ballet of Hands (Frank & Tony’s Breakaway Edit) (Under The Jaguar Sun, 2016, Scissor & Thread)
[break] Zeta Reticula - Euphonious (EP 5, 2016, Electrix)
Christian Löffler - Haul (feat. Mohna) (Haul, 2016, Ki)
Marc Cotterell - Love Is The Message (feat. Claudia) (Cherrylux, 2016, Soiree)
MATRiXXMAN & Echologist - Messiah (The Black & White EP, 2016, Planet Rhythm)
Trentemøller - My Conviction (Fixion, 2016, In My Room)
[break] Sense - 45 For Electricity (Small Things EP, 2016, Adam Raisbeck/Sense)
Machinedrum - Tell U (feat. Rochelle Jordan) (Tell U, 2016, Ninja Tune)
Danny Kotz & Avi Caspi - Reject (Myles Sergé’s In The Clouds Remix) (Reject EP, 2016, Made of Concrete Germany)
Shit Robot - End Of The Trail (What Follows, 2016, DFA)
Rob Garza - Killing Moon Remix (Killing Moon Remix, 2016)
[break] Rondell Adams - Can’t Get Enough (Can’t Get Enough, 2016)
Devendra Banhart - Fig In Leather (Ape In Pink Marble, 2016, Nonesuch)
Cavern of Anti-Matter - I’m The Unknown (I’m The Unknown, 2016, Duophonic)
Tycho - Epoch (Epoch, 2016, Ghostly International)
Potions - When We Saw The Strange Lights (Mother, 2016, True Mother)
Teen - Please (Love Yes, 2016, Carpark)
Tiga - Blondes Have More Fun (Extended Alternate Mix) (Blondes Have More Fun EP, 2016, Counter)
Quirke - Cylinders (Whities 007, 2016, Whities)
Equador - Bones of Man (Himalia Remix) (Bones of Man: The Remixes, 2016, Pegdoll)
Venetian Snares - Everything About You Is Special (Traditional Synthesizer Music, 2016, Planet Mu)
Datachi’i - Monarchs (System, 2016, Planet Mu)
Midland - Blush (Blush EP, 2016, Graded) (mixes well with Fort Romeau)
Frank & Tony - Difficult Loves (Original Mix) (Under The Jaguar Sun, 2016, Scissor & Thread)
The Cyclist - Born In ’92 (Pressing Matters, 2016, Hypercolour)
Roosevelt - Colours (Roosevelt, 2016, Greco-Roman/City Slang)
Rozi Plain - Best Team (Joshua James Remix) (Friend Of A Friend, 2016, Lost Map)
Michael Mayer & Agoria - Blackbird Has Spoken (Blackbird Has Spoken, 2016, !K7)
Kauf - Through The Yard (Fort Romeau Vocal Remix) (Through The Yard: Fort Romeau Remixes, 2016, Permanent Vacation)
Feynman - Air (Air, 2016, Fake Music)

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