The Music Department ~ With DJ Meow -Four Years Old!!
November 17, 2016 12:00pm


play list

The Future- Leonard Cohen
Our Lips are Sealed- Fun Boy three
Unhappy Birthday-The Smiths
Let Me Go- Heaven 17
Around the Girl in 80 Ways-Big Audio Dynamite
Delirious- Prince
Revival- Deerhunter
Gronlandic Edit- Of Montreal
Since Yesterday- Strawberry Switchblade
Primary- The Cure
Wait Now- In Letter Form
Love Will Tear us Apart- Joy Division
Zeros-The Soft Moon
Of Lillies and Remains- Bauhaus
Johnny- Suicide
London Calling- The Clash
A Few Hours After This - The Cure
Wake Up- Two Door Cinema Club
"Tis a Pitty She Was a Whore- David Bowie
Blind - Swans
The Void- Daniel Ash
Holiday on The Moon- Love and Rockets
0100- Pale Honey
Trouble With Boys- David Bazan
You- Clinic
Driving Your Girlfriend Home- Morrissey
Uptown- Prince
Wonderful- Adam Ant
JUMP In-Harry Belafonte

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