Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 93: Male Rites
November 19, 2016 6:00pm


Dance-y, Punk-y, New Wave-y, freaky and funky music made by women, with a focus on rarities from the '70s and '80s. Every Saturday from 6-8PM with Erin Eyesore.

Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head (1963)
Julie Jumper- Male Rites (1982)
Nuclear Crayons- No Car (1984)
Iconoclasts- Fight Alone (1985)
Skating for Cover- Stadium (1983)
The 49 Americans- Yucky Nightclub Job (1980)

Héléna Lemkovitch- La Nuit N'en Finit Plus (1982)
Pylon- Feast on My Heart (1980)
Marge and the Marvellous- A Distant Dance (1984)
KAOS- Satovi Bez Kazaljke (1979-84)
VS- Leather Complex (1980)

Linda Van Dijck With Boo & The Boo Boos- Stengun (1966)
The Motor Totemist Guild- Farmer Without Strings (1985)
Nancy Nova- No No No (1982)
Moniek Darge- Fairy Tale (1983)
Essential Logic- Quality Crayon Wax OK (1979)
Elegi- Torsk (1981)

Unknown Gender- The Beast (1982)
Screamin’ Sirens- Ugly and Slouchy (1983)
The Minx- Tides (1983)
Da!- Dark Rooms (1981)
Romeo Void- Confrontation (1981)
Deux- Minimaliste (1984)

Send No Flowers- Playing For Time (1982)
Melon- I Will Call You (1980)
Rubella Ballet- Me (1982)
Crass- Health Surface (1980)
Moral Lepers- Land of the Insane (1985)
Guigou Chenevier and Sophie Jausserand- Femmes d’Interiur, Femmes d’Exterieur (1984)

Jo Squillo Eletrix- Paranoia (1981)
Reverse- Not the Police (1980)
Judy Grahn- A History of Lesbianism (1977)

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