Temple 95: Lift
November 19, 2016 4:00pm


4:00pm: Hyperreal (Orbit) by The Shamen from Hyperreal

4:06pm: Cold (Maurice Underground Mix) by Latour from Cold

4:14pm: Ride (Moby's Bonus Speed Mix at -8) by SOHO from Ride

4:23pm: Open Your Mind (Tranceout Dub) by The Rave Factory from Open Your Mind

4:30pm: Vista Humana (Sleepwalker Mix) by Vapourspace from Vista Humana

4:38pm: Amsterdam by Reality Studio from Metamorph

4:43pm: Bring Back My Happiness (Wink's Acid Interpretation) by Moby from Bring Back My Happiness

4:54pm: Teknoviolents by Bamboo Crisis from Shapeshifter

4:57pm: Lift (Lift Up Dub) by 808 State from Lift

5:04pm: I'm the One and Only DJ by DJ God from Rave New World

5:10pm: Beat 'n Track by Holy Ghost from The Jesus Nut

5:17pm: Indian Requiem (Original Mix) by Groove Electronic from Indian Requiem

5:23pm: Hypotised by Cabaret Voltaire from Hypnotised

5:30pm: Israel by Ital from Hive Mind

5:41pm: The Way Of The Tree Of Life by Hieroglyphic Being from The Disco's Of Imhotep

5:46pm: Lost for All I See by Roche from Building a Place of Surrender

5:54pm: I Talk to the Wind (Moby's Mix) by Opus III from I Talk to the Wind

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