Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 94: Negative Conversation
November 26, 2016 6:00pm


Dance-y, Punk-y, New Wave-y, freaky and funky music made by women, with a focus on rarities from the '70s and '80s. Every Saturday from 6-8PM with Erin Eyesore.
Exploration of Mrs. Wilson's Children (1981). RIP Pauline Oliveros.

Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head (1963)
Que Bono- Burtonwood (1981)
Zelda- Are You Lucky (1983)
Chrissy- Mark My Words (1980)
Tweezers- You Got Me (With Your Tweezers) (1981)
Debra DeJean- Goosebumps (1980)
Lene Lovich- What Will I Do Without You (1979)

Cool to Snog- Satisfaction Week (1981)
Human Zoo- Vital Second (1981)
Faux Pas- Look (1981)

Debbie Neon- Psycho Killer (1979)
Gina X- Do It Yourself (1979)
Kym Amps- You Don’t Know My Name (But I Know You) (1981)
Super Freego- M’en Fous! (1982)
Odd Stories- Dance (1981)
Jo Lemaire + Flouze- Running Time (1979)

Last Dance- Malignant Love (1981)
Xero- Love and Anarchy (1982)
Janet Armstrong- Inadequate (1981)
The Objeks- Negative Conversation (1980)
Dorothy- I Confess (1980)
Toyah- Victims of the Riddle (1979)

The Chefs- Thrush (1980)
Grab Grab the Haddock- Nothing You Say (1984)
April and the Fools- You Do (1980)
The Mockingbirds- Money (1980)
The Numbers- Modern Song (1980)
Log-A-Rhythms- Coffee (1981)

Svart- Gavan (1980)
Cipher- Cymatic Mambo (1981)
Disturbed- I Don’t Believe (1979)
Pauline Oliveros- A Love Song (1985)

Image: Pauline Oliveros

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