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starring Dr. Hal !
December 23, 2016 10:00pm
Periodically, the ASK DR. HAL! Podcast returns, in its orbit, to the "bottle" show condition, wherein Dr. Howland Owll, solus, not contending with unruly, chaotic guests, instead mixes and performs the presentation on his own, in its entirety. On this seldom-experienced world, pace, content and music are all from a single source, without such interference as might ordinarily emanate from the Personal Devices of guests. We understand that there are more than a few Listeners who actually prefer these Shows to all the others; for them the recitations from Clark Ashton Smith and other uncompromising explorers of the Noosphere are a holiday from idle on-air chatterboxes. For them are such Shows as these-- perhaps not, indeed, of the reassuring quality generally found in standard programming, but still sufficient to provide protection against the indifferent, overarching, unforgiving vastness and deep, primordial cold of enveloping Outer Space. Three hours.

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