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starring Dr. Hal !
January 6, 2017 10:00pm
As the Storm of the Century hits, Dr. H. Owll, KrOB Sabrepop and Jett are safe three stories above the street. High wind rocks the El Dorado Building as the colloquy continues. And eventually the name Ray Harryhausen arises, as it must. Oh, there will be much more on Harryhausen as this series continues, part of our SubGenius Heritage and a classic exponent of stop-motion animation, the great and noble art. To many computer-manipulators, "animation" means moving things around in the frame. But the root of the word lies in "anima," or soul-- true animation is the puppeteer's uncanny art of investing the subject with a soul of personality. And, there's the metaphorical, allegorical, analogical aspect ever hovering... over, perhaps, if it were uncharitably said, those who watched one monster movie too many.

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