January 10, 2017 10:00pm


Fake show (also referred to as false show, faux show, or Dante's Hot Tub) deliberately present hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation, and use social media to drive web traffic and amplify their effect. Unlike satire, fake show seek to mislead, rather than entertain the listener for financial, political or other gain. Such show have promoted false ska, fake noodling and autotune. Fake show is a form of psychological warfare and is damaging to democracy and NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND. Karen Carpenter and KrOB are certainly not using "pseudo-show appliances" and streaming Internet trolls as discordian propaganda to weaken confidence in musical values. Absolutely not.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: We always tell the trust and we never lie.

Chatroom History
January 10, 2017 10:00pm - 12:30am

nexus-travis-6000: It's not fake news, it's a processed news product. (10:10pm)
Excerpt::: Wait....did I care? (10:42pm)
Fake Listener: Right? (10:43pm)
Fake Listener: That's the way we troll... (10:44pm)
Poop: talk is popular with troll-mouths (10:45pm)
Fake Listeners: love any war they don't have to be part of... (10:45pm)
Fake Listeners: love the mp3 sound quality (10:47pm)
Fake Listeners: Your Fakeness Makes me Sorry (10:55pm)
Fake Listeners: and Elvis were trying to obtain a copy of the new movie "Star Wars" up to the day before he died (10:56pm)
Fake Listeners: Er, they died (10:57pm)
President Trump: Be Not SORRY!!!!!!!!! (10:58pm)
President Trump: Watch it, my little pee partners!!!! (11:04pm)
President Trump: live at The Radio Towers Fake News Conference!!!!!!!!! (11:07pm)
The Bed in Question: So? (11:07pm)
Kenneth: I maintain, what is the FreQuency?!?! (11:11pm)
Kenneth: said he was in Dealy Plaza on... (11:11pm)
Techies: love tech talk (11:12pm)
Trump's National Hair Guard: Loves you (11:17pm)
Trump's National Hair Guard: making Fake News NOW!!!!!!!! (11:18pm)
Sesame Street alien: wut (11:22pm)
Wut: is peeing on the Obada Bed (11:24pm)
President Trump: Take That, Obimbo!!!!!!!!!! (11:29pm)
President Trump: I have My Hair Guard!!!!!!!!! (11:30pm)
President Trump: Towers over all of you!!!!!!!!!! (11:30pm)
President Trump: Towers all over you!!!!!!!! (11:31pm)
President Trump: I AM PEEMASTER!!!!!!!!! (11:31pm)
President Trump: feels Justicemad!!!!! (11:37pm)
President Trump: Say Go Away, Notice Air Grin Land!!!!!!!! (11:41pm)
Reality: Leave Me Out of This! (11:42pm)
Reality: says Urine overYur Hed (11:44pm)

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