Temple 97 with Jackson S.
January 14, 2017 4:00pm


4:00pm: Let Me Trouble by Deborah Haslam from Let Me Trouble

4:05pm: Digital Track by Rolf Trostel from Two Faces

4:09pm: Sultana by Taracco from Sultana

4:20pm: Auf Engelsflügeln by Deutsche Wertarbeit from Deutsche Wertarbeit

4:26pm: Macksy by Klaus Schulze from Macksy

4:30pm: Seditty by David Matthews from Super Funky Sax

4:34pm: Oreknock by Patrick Vian from Bruits Et Temps Analogues

4:41pm: Wastelands by Modern Man from Things Could Be Better

4:46pm: Knockin' by Bo' Bellow from Knockin'

4:55pm: Russian Beat by Utopia from Russian Beat

5:00pm: Memories of Green by Vangelis from See You Later

5:06pm: Tsunami by Benoît Widemann from Tsunami

5:12pm: Rise Of The East by British Electric Foundation from Music For Listening To


5:22pm: Balance by The Bomb Sqad from Balance

5:27pm: Grief (Amon Tobin Remix) by Ryuichi Sakamoto from Anger/Grief

5:31pm: Psychometry III (Falko Brocksieper Remix) by Akufen from Psychometry III (Remixes)

5:35pm: Space Race by Meditation Y.S. from Slumber

5:36pm: Opto Watts by Mod.Civil from Opto Watts EP

5:38pm: Liquid Opal by Vakula from A Voyage To Arcturus

5:43pm: The Improvised Minotaur by Spencer Parker from The Dreamer E.P.

5:44pm: Kò Kò (Demo Dub) by Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer from Kò Kò Pt 1

5:47pm: T-Move Mix by Bass Material from Tuscania Movement Volume 2

5:49pm: Oxygenate by Ibex from 4 Jazz Techno Classics

5:51pm: Swing Crewz II by G. Flame & Mr. G. from Give 'N' Take EP

5:53pm: Steam by Boddika from Steam

5:55pm: Version 9 by Swag from Creative Biting E.P.

5:57pm: Untitled by Paul Johnson from White Label

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