ToD 97
January 28, 2017 4:00pm


4:02pm: Fearfully in Danger by Nico + The Faction from Nico + The Faction

4:08pm: Wallenberg by Jan Akkerman from The Basement

4:14pm: Money Changes Everything by The Smiths from Bigmouth Strikes Again

4:18pm: Earth by Adalbert von Deyen from Planetary

4:22pm: Rauschlinge by Asmus Tietchens from Biotop

4:26pm: Points of the Compass by Peru from Points of the Compass

4:37pm: Colours by The Sisterhood from Gift

4:45pm: Silberland by Wolfgang Riechman from Wunderbar

4:50pm: Pigmy by Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffaloes from Uganda

4:58pm: Sura by CCCP - Fedeli alla Linea from Socialismo E Barbarie

5:04pm: My Secret Garden by Depeche Mode from A Broken Frame

5:09pm: Edgar Froese by Specific Gravity of Smile from Pinnacles

5:19pm: Call a Wave by Malcolm McLaren from Call a Wave

5:27pm: Talisman by Passport from Running In Real Time

5:34pm: The Roots of Spirit by Robert Schroeder from D.MO Vol.1

5:47pm: Big Man Restless by Kissing the Pink from Naked

5:54pm: Shogun by La Batterie from Let There Be Drums

5:58pm: The Good Days of Tomorrow Are Now by Dissidenten from Arab Shadows

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