The Music Department ~ With DJ Meow
February 9, 2017 12:00pm


Play List

I Will Dare- The Replacements
Twist and Crawl- The English Beat
She's In Parties- Bauhaus
Contact- Big Audio Dynamite
Money- The Flying Lizards
Where's The Revolution- Depeche Mode
Rise- P.I.L.
Goody Two Shoes- Adam Ant
Kiss Them For Me-Siouxsie and The Banshees
Star Roving- Slowdive
I Was Never Young- Of Montreal
Temptation- New Order
In Dulce Decorum- The Damned
Piggy- Nine Inch Nails
Vampire Blues- David J and Comrades
Heaven- Black Needle Noise featuring Jennie Vee
I Wanna Be Sedated- Nouvelle Vague
The Bottom Line- Big Audio Dynamite
Kinky Afro- Happy Mondays
Rebel Milk- Angelic Milk
Rebel Black- Angelic Milk
Everything's Just Wonderful- Lily Allen
Another Nail Through My Heart- Squeeze
Loomer- My Bloody Valentine
She's A Sad Sad Song- Daniel Ash
Laura Lee- The Besnard Lakes
Lorelei-Cocteau Twins
Empty Pockets and Broken Bicycles- Tom Waits

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