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Cheap Hooch Presents: SF Activist, Amos Gregory!!
March 5, 2017 4:00pm


A very special Cheap Hooch this week with Sf activist/painter/photographer, Amos Gregory. Amos was kind enough to tell us about his work with Vets Alley located at 555 Geary St/ 438 O'farrell. Veteran's Alley gives many the chance to tell their story through mural art. Don't miss this episode and don't forget to check out Amos' other work.

“The Butterflies of Syria” A photo essay about Syrian refugees in Turkey that looks to “…convey the beauty, vibrancy and life that shines in every one of the refugees…”

A collection of Amos Gregory’s work over the years:

Special piece regarding medicinal marijuana:

And of course:
Visit the mural, donate time/ all you can to help

with your awesome hosts: D$ and Deathwish

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