March 18, 2017 4:00pm


Broadcast 40 has now been podcasted. Beloved Infinite Beat contributor, Nihar Bhatt (Left Hand Path, Surface Tension, Nine), serves as a substitute while host Topazu is out of town.

This episode begins by celebrating independently released, free music that listeners can directly download from artists on platforms like Soundcloud and Bandcamp. The massive catalog of free music that can be shared internationally, encourages more producers to create and express their music as they intended. Bhatt features Bay Area artist Odi me who has a cassette, Line Cook Music, on Jacktone Records. Her latest releases, "Deranged" and "Stone" can be downloaded off her Soundcloud. They are 100% free and highly recommended.

Afterwards Bhatt welcomes Jasmine Infiniti. She is the ferocious founder of the New World Dysorder party crew and has a unique perspective as a DJ, merging her roots in the New York ballroom scene with her fascination with the dark atmosphere of techno. Both Bhatt and Infiniti have an articulate and deeply thoughtful conversation about the heritage of NYC Ballroom culture, intersectionality on the dancefloor, the hellish music that moves her and the inspiration she feels within communities in both East and West coasts. A superb mix by the celebrated DJ follows. Enjoy.

Nihar Bhatt played:

Odi me / Deranged / Self-Released

Odi me / Stone / Self-Released

Susanne Ciani / Except from Buchla Concerts 1975

Jasmine Infiniti played:


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