102nd Temple
April 8, 2017 4:00pm


4:00pm: Dancing Ghosts by CTI from Elemental 7

4:09pm: 24 Hours From Culture - Part II by New Musik from The Planet Doesn't Mind / 24 Hours From Culture - Part II

4:14pm: Brave Man by Skids from Fields

4:21pm: Zauberstab (Instrumental) by ZaZa from Zauberstab

4:26pm: Pull Me Up by Seconds of Pleasure from Pull Me Up

4:31pm: Superstition by Drinking Electricity from Overload

4:32pm: Cacharpaya by Incantation from Themes and Dreams

4:35pm: Pendulum (Space Version) by Smiles from Pendulum

4:42pm: Fantastic Light by Johnny Warman from Walking Into Mirrors

4:46pm: Feel Me (Instrumental) by Blancmange from Happy Families

4:48pm: Sacred Heart by OMD from Architecture & Morality

4:53pm: Radio-active by Steps Ahead from Modern Times

4:55pm: Epilogo by Programa from Sintesis Digital

4:58pm: Soldier of Fortune by Tom Tom Show from Soldier of Fortune

5:04pm: Finland Red, Egypt White by The Sisterhood from Gift

5:11pm: Waiting for the Rain by Joe Sawinul from Dialects

5:19pm: Strategi Gul by Grannens Forflutna from Strategi Gul

5:25pm: Operator by Tres from Intressant

5:30pm: From Here to Eternity (Instrumental) by Hananas from From Here to Eternity

5:37pm: Be Thankful for What You Got (Instrumental) by Craig Peyton from Be Thankful for What You Got

5:44pm: Burning Hot by Brooklyn Express from Burning Hot

5:52pm: Acceptance Affirming by Robert Fripp from Love Cannot Bear (Soundscapes - Live In The USA)

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