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starring Dr. Hal !
April 21, 2017 10:00pm
SOMETHING WAS NOT RIGHT at the beginning of the episode; the controls would not respond. Volume of music sounded at full blast in the earphones and could not be adjusted. Sound levels dropped and rose. We were ready to give up on it all (did the S.F. Power Out(r)age earlier that day have anything to do with it?) and just concede defeat. But tinkering around with the equipment somehow fixed things (we wish we could understand what we did) and encouraging words from the Chatterbox helped us immeasurably. Things really took a turn for the better when Puzzling Evidence dropped by. And so, we watched QUEEN OF BLOOD, something we always wanted to do. With Basil Rathbone, Dennis Hopper, John Saxon, the bewitching Judi Meredith, Forry Ackerman(!) and a green-skinned Florence Marly. ETHERETTES AND ROCKET ROOKIES! There is ONE more LIVE Ask Dr. Hal! Show this Thursday. Drop by the Chez Poulet Gallery-Cabaret if you're in the local area...

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