Temple 103
April 22, 2017 4:00pm


4:02pm: House in the Storm by P'cock from In'cognito

4:11pm: Another Country by Shadowfax from Pure Shadowfax

4:15pm: Unterwegs by Nik Tyndall from Traumland

4:20pm: Escape by Michael Garrison from In This Regions Of Sunreturn

4:25pm: Westway by Sky from Sky

4:28pm: Life Is Now by Spanish Crash from Life Is Now

4:34pm: Passion of a Primative by David Ball from In Strict Tempo

4:38pm: Cherish 8 by Ike Yard from Ike Yard

4:44pm: Witness the Change by Pete Shelley from Homosapian

4:48pm: Crisis by Tik and Tok from Tik and Tok

4:51pm: XR-7 (Instrumental) by XR-7 from XR-7

4:54pm: Smilin' Jack Casey by Tony Banks from Quicksilver OST

4:57pm: Play Pen by Ralph MacDonald from Universal Rhythm

5:01pm: League of Nations by Simple Minds from X5

5:05pm: Utopie by Peru from Constellations

5:18pm: Reel by Nova from Reel

5:22pm: You Got the Stuff by Bill Withers from You Got the Stuff

5:29pm: Shake Your Mind by C Cat Trance from Shake Your Mind

5:34pm: (The Echo Of) Frozen Faces by Propaganda from p: Machinery (Reactivate)

5:40pm: Terra Incognita by Mythos from Strange Guys

5:44pm: Visions by Blue Vision from Visions

5:51pm: Ultradeterminanten by Kowalski from Schlagende Wetter

5:58pm: Train by Intence from Triade

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